Struggling with Generosity

I have to admit I am struggling with the theme of Generosity this month. This may come as a surprise, since most of our UUCG family knows that I have a heart of giving to others through my time and talents. Since I currently have a lack of treasure as most people define it (monetary), I give of what I have the most of- time. However, being in school and trying to recover from illness, I find that I have less energy to give that time. I have also struggled with intense anger at all the ‘wrongs’ in the world. I find that this anger is causing me to feel overwhelmed, hopeless and helpless to assist the world with what seems like insurmountable problems. I have enough of my own difficulties to tackle! However, as the Universe is showing me in interesting ways, I am not alone in this struggle. In fact, many of my friends are in struggles of their own, but we are coming together to face these struggles head-on. I feel like my friends have had more than their fair share of struggles, and yes this makes me angry. However I am learning once again, as a late friend once told me, a burden shared is a burden halved.   

~Jen Garrison

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2 Responses to Struggling with Generosity

  1. katrina P yurko says:

    Jen, I can’t imagine how you juggle all the different elements in your life. The physical illness is always changing and morphing, The finance, the house and property, Your education, your job….I think you must be a very strong person and a very perceptive one as well.
    Thank you for venting with honesty. Life can cast a long shadow. It’s just nice that you have a church community right around the corner of your world. I think you do exceptionally well given your circumstances and I respect you for that! I know many people do!

  2. Peggy A says:

    Jen, I admire your continued courage in the face of adversity. Love you, and hope 2024 will be a less stressful, and more successful year for you.

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