When Things Go Wrong

In April of this year Bob and I went to New York. While we were there we saw a delightful play called, ‘The Play That Goes Wrong’ by Henry Lewis, Henry Shields, and Jonanthan Sayer. It has received The Audience Choice Award, The Theater Fans Award, as well as London’s Olivier Award. It is called Broadway’s Funniest Smash hit. And, you can also see it through June 18th at our very own Aurora Theater in downtown Lawrenceville. I’ve seen it in both places and would go see it again if the opportunity comes around. 

It is a delight! The first time I saw it with Bob we both started laughing even before it started as the cast does a good bit of interacting with the audience before the lights go out and we didn’t stop until well after we left the theater. People turned around to look at us still laughing after an appropriate time had passed and the cast was on to the next bit. 

We thought it was a delightful escape from reality and such a play on theatrical style and story. 

I saw it again just recently at the Aurora theater. This time, even knowing what was going to happen, filled with delight, I laughed out loud. Again, I was overtaken by the comic timing, script, and agility of the actors and stage crew. 

“How good it is to laugh at life. Sometimes that’s all we have. At the end of the day – to laugh.”

Sometimes delight keeps despair at bay. Laughter replaces sadness. I am grateful to be part of a faith that celebrates life – that recognizes the worth of humanity and delights in all of its aspects, bits, and pieces. 

~Lydia Patrick

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5 Responses to When Things Go Wrong

  1. Denise B. says:

    Very nice, Lydia. Thank you for sharing the fun! I’m glad you’ve had a wonderful time with this play!

  2. katrina yurko says:

    Thank You, Lydia, for the critique on a delightful play. I could use a shot of delight !

  3. Carol Richardson says:

    Thank you for the smile on my face❤️

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