Putting Something In the Bucket

When I taught 3rd grade I used to read to them daily from one of Shel Silverstein’s books. I love his work and have his books in our library. Look at this one from A Light in the Attic (Shel Silverstein) 

Put Something In 

Draw a crazy picture

Write a nutty poem

Sing a mumble – gumble song

Whistle through your comb.

Do a loony – goony dance

‘Cross the kitchen floor

Put something silly in the world

That ain’t been there before! 

I’ve never considered myself a silly person – my parents were not silly. I didn’t see a lot of la – di – da behaviors growing up. But I’m getting better as I age. I am allowing myself to laugh more and feel joy. Even in a hurting world where things happen that bring no joy it is important to find it. Those moments of love and wonder and delight might be the only thing we have at the end of a day. 

So, as of today, I’ve done 3 of those things in that poem… working on the rest. How about you?

~Lydia Patrick

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  1. katrina yurko says:

    Who would know that S Silverstein would have written something so silly that would endure the test of time and generations. It can be a simple and curious poem for a 7 year old and at the same time be a head’s up for us all who are taking aging a bit too seriously.
    I’ll find my silly moment today, and end the day with delight.

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