Wings: Getting There

A repost from May 4, 2014

Are we there yet? 

Sheltering Wings © Richard Meston
image ©Richard Meston

The age-old cry from children in the back of the car, impatient to reach the intended destination.  Weary, cranky, eager to get this part of the trip over with so that they can get to the good part.  It’s not unique to human children, either.  Even birds have their own version of the complaint, and their own solution.  No matter where you’re going, the refrain eventually echoes – if not aloud through the air, through the mind of every traveler.  Especially when you’re passing through a storm that slows you down.

Are we there yet…?

Haven’t we each experienced a moment when the journey just seems so long?  When fatigue sets in and you feel as though you just can’t take another step or go another mile?  When fighting off the wind and the rain are simply beyond your endurance…  What keeps you going during those times?  Perhaps you know someone who is in the midst of this leg of their own travels…

We all need support on our journey.  We all need a patient voice to reassure us that we are indeed getting there.  We need wings to shelter us.

Not only do we need to love and be loved, but we need to feel loved; sheltered from the storms of life that seem to render our travels arduous.  As parents we routinely provide this for our children, mother birds instinctively provide this for their chicks.  As members of a compassionate human community, we are called on to provide this for each other.

How can you be those sheltering wings for someone today?

~ Christiana 

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