An Interdependent Acrostic

In every leaf and drop of dew,

Nature’s intricate dance we view.

Together, each creature, plant, and tree,

Ecosystems thrive, free yet key.

Reaching out, roots intertwine,

Dependence shared, by design.

Every action, cause, and effect of our,

Perpetual movement 

Exist with life around us. It

Nurtures or harms, with direct

Dependence on choices we make,

Ebbing and flowing, give and take.

New paths to tread, with care, we seek,

Caring for the weak, the strong, the meek.

Endlessly connected, our fates entwined with every line.

~Candice C Carver

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4 Responses to An Interdependent Acrostic

  1. Peggy A says:

    I love your poem, Candace!

  2. Lisa Kiel says:

    Beautiful! Thank you Candice.

  3. katrina P yurko says:

    This poem is a gift!

  4. Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones says:

    Brilliant, Candice!

    “Endlessly connected, our fates entwined with every line.” I’m taking this line in particular into my mind heart body and spirit!

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