At the Courthouse

On the last Solstice our oldest and  her love of seven years got married at the Cobb County Courthouse. Bob and I were delighted to attend as witnesses. 

During the day I found myself in that awkward place of needing to help. I wanted, somewhat desperately, to be useful. I worried about the static in the air due to the heat and dry air. I worried about paperwork and photo IDs. I worried about the gathering crowd of other couples there for the very same reason. I was concerned over the small children who became impatient waiting in their dress clothes and itchy slips and uncomfortable new shoes. I worried about the fact that all of these couples were going in together to be married in one common space.

I worried about missing something significant.

And then two minutes and forty-seven seconds later they were done. The  judge calmly walked all of those couples through vows and rings and promises. And even though the room was quite full no one seemed to mind or worry about their experience being any less significant because it was shared. The elderly couple who giggled their way through the vows, the last minute couple in sweats and sneakers, the Muslim couple in full traditional attire, the woman with a veil, the couple with the small children, and our daughter and her excellent love were all focussed and centered. 

I was just there to witness. 

Once I figured that out and understood that all of that energy and intensity was aimed at the same directive of love and promise and commitment I was able to calm down and breath. I was able to bear witness. 

And in the center of it all – I found joy!  Best Solstice ever!

~Lydia Patrick

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  1. katrina yurko says:

    What a memorable day and a lesson to us all! The act of letting go, the act of liberation so that you Can Be a witness, instead of controlling the event, the venue, the people and orchestrating everything else. It seems that the complex planning for the event can take us far from the true significance of the moment. 2 Min and 47 seconds. It is done. Glad you could ATTEND !

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