Return Again: To the Present

Let go of your tears that have been a symbol of your attachment to the past. The sadness and self-pity will not wash away one tiny fragment of your past. Gently remind the wounded part of yourself that that was then and this is now. Learn from those experiences. Bless them as great teachers, and then come rushing back to the working unit of your life, now!  Dr. Wayne Dyer

I often enjoyed the insights of Wayne Dyer while he was alive, and have some of his books as well.  I also tend to think that at times he works in hyperbole.

I don’t want to rush back into the working unit of my life if some wound has caught me from the past, but I do need to return.  The return can work both ways.

If right now, I find that I am wounded and that the wound is old, I must return–to the past–to see whatever there may be there for me to let go of, grieve over (which in its best sense is an ultimate letting go of something or someone) or see differently.  Tears themselves are a letting go, are they not?  This deep feeling from the wounded past begins to move through me and often can manifest as tears, the letting go of that movement of feeling.

And then I need to return, again, to now.  Here I am now, maybe with a scar from that wound, maybe with insight, maybe with wisdom.  But I am here now, and I am able to breathe, take the next step, open to the next moment.

It seems to me that when we see the return as moving in both directions, we can, as Dyer says, bless those moments that wounded us and from which we heal, but when we return to the present we are more able to bless those moments that are unfolding–even the kind that might have wounded us in the past.

I think that’s one sign of wisdom for me–that what once might have wounded me I can now see coming and even bless it (if not dodge it!).

Bob Patrick

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