Creative Conflicts

2023 May – The Path of Creativity – Creative Conflicts 

Welcome to our upstairs bathroom walls. The image to the left is the wall in the master bath and the wall to the right is from what used to be the kids’ shared bathroom. After 3 years of blank walls we have finally decided how to fill them. 

I’ve talked about my experiences in therapy finding ‘Story People’ art on the walls of my counselor’s office that helped hold me together during some very dark times in my life while processing memories hidden deep in my childhood experience. This artwork and the love and support of a wonderful partner, three precious children, and 3 busy fur babies kept me waking up each morning. Even 20 years later I am still following the artists. I have bought the books, cards, and am now the proud owner of 5 prints. We plan to buy several more. 

The conflict comes from the artists themselves who are no longer together. Their divorce and business seperation took nine messy years and neither party feels completely happy with the results. They both hold claim to the original intention and meaning of the art. 

Isn’t that the way it is today with all that is happening around us? We are angry and frustrated and don’t want the ‘other side’ to get any satisfaction or resolution. We are right. They are wrong. 

When I read the threads on each of the now separate websites I feel the pain and anger. I see the frustration about having to start over differently and move forward while there are still unresolved feelings. I also see the promise of hope and creativity on each side.

Ultimately,  I see no reason to let go of the good amongst the bad. 

So we will support them both – just not in the same bathroom…. 

~Lydia Patrick

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  1. katrina yurko says:

    It”s really something to share the innocent, pure of heart intent inside an art form, especially keeping it as simple as a whisper. The sharing started when it was conceived between life long companions. The purpose and message are still intact. The meaning will stand the test of time and changing context. It’s hard to understand that the marriage between these two sensitive authors has ended in long term conflict, yet the artwork and poetry remain as beautiful as before, and now have a space in the time capsule of your home.

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