The Kitchen: A Gift Litany

The Kitchen is our gathering place.

The Kitchen is source of our nourishment, one for another.

The Kitchen is safety and security for us, our family, our friends and for strangers.

The Kitchen is portal of welcome for the tired, hungry, lonely, lost and weak.

The Kitchen is blessing place, resting place, inspiration place, laughing place, crying space, listening and speaking space, healing place and helping space.

The Kitchen is where the cauldron of life resides, where wisdom is brewed, where the sick are anointed, where elders are revered, where children are raised, where the newly born and the newly passed are celebrated.

And so it should be no great wonder that The Kitchen is the place where so many of our gifts are created and from which they are sent; that The Kitchen is the place that not only connects us to our most intimate friends and loves but to all those with whom we have a relationship, even those we have not yet met.

A friend is sick.

I’ll cook something.

A baby is born.

I’ll cook something.

A sacred day must be observed.

I’ll cook something.

A friend is grieving.

I’ll invite her over and brew some tea.

A child is troubled.

I’ll make a PB&J and sit for a while and listen.

A love’s love has passed into the next world.

I’ll cook something, anything, and go and sit, and laugh, and cry, and embrace.

The Kitchen.  Few gifts of the most important sort have their source anywhere else.

Bob Patrick


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