I Open

The invitation to take a look at pluralism after our theme of interdependence as an idea but then to consider what it means to practice it, live it, engage it has me returning again and again to the invitation to open. Pluralism surely causes us to notice differences, but in the process, we begin to see similarities as well. I wrote a few weeks ago about opening as doorways, and then the next week about opening and closing. Recently, these words came to me while I was sitting out on the edge of the woods in the very early morning.

I open to the sky.
I open to the sea.
I open to the earth
living around me.

I open to my tree friend.
I open to all the trees.
I open to birdsong
and birds singing on the breeze.

I open to the sun
rising in the East.
I open to the moon
phases never cease.

I open to the clouds.
I open to the stones.
I open to the winds
dancing round my bones.

I open fields of healing.
I open fields of love.
I open fields of wisdom
descending from above.

I open fields of kindness.
I open fields of strength.
I open fields of belonging
to embrace the cosmos’ length.

I open heart and mind.
I open spirit and breath.
The day’s work has begun
a good life, a good death.

~Bob Patrick

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4 Responses to I Open

  1. Peggy A says:

    Beautiful poem, Bob!

  2. Daniel says:

    Loved the feeling!

  3. Lisa says:

    This is beautiful. I plan to keep and return to your poem of opening as one of my morning practices. Thank you Bob!

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