The Muses: Rest, Reflect, and be Inspired

On Saturdays we take a break from the Words in order to rest and reflect, but this month we’re doing things a little differently.  In honor of the Muses, we are adding just a little inspiration for your Saturday.  It is our hope that it feeds your spirit…

Painted Desert Photo ©Joe Jiang

Painted Desert
Photo ©Joe Jiang

When you go outside today, imagine that the world is devoid of color.  Black and white only, without even shades of gray, like an immense coloring book.  Now, imagine how you would paint the world.  What colors would you choose?  How saturated would everything be?  How vibrant, or how muted?

Now consider how your world would change based on your ability to create it, to make it as robust or as serene as you would like.  How would your life be altered by the understanding that your experience is colored by how you see things?

You do not need a paintbrush.  How will you color your world today?

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