Sheltering Walls: Special Space

Do you have a space that is yours?  The space might be at home, a room in the house, a corner of a room, a special chair with a lamp and table next to it.  It might be a spot in the basement or garage.  Your space might be a desk in the corner of a room.  Your space might be at work or in a rented space for artistic and creative endeavors.  Your space might be your laptop and the desk it sits on or a chair you always use it in.  Your space could be one where you work on certain or special kinds of projects:  where you knit or crochet; where you do woodworking; where you paint or draw or engage in writing.  Your space could be your car!

Where do you find your space or spaces?  What are the the things that define that space? Are there also people who help define your space?  What and who shapes our spaces, spaces we identify with, and how do they do that?

Most of the things we do in places that are special to us are things that we know we could likely do in other places.  On some level, we might agree that those special places aren’t even necessary, that they represent a luxury, a blessing, a gift that we enjoy but which we could lose or could simply do without.  Even if all of that is true, special spaces with which we identify give to us a certain security, a sense of well-being, and I would not be surprised if it were to be found that as we settle into spaces special to us that our blood pressure lowers and other physical indicators of relaxation develop in our bodies.

Let us be aware today of the spaces that are “ours”, that are go to places.  Let us notice the “walls” that help create those spaces.  Along the way today, when we notice and become aware, let us offer a word or thought of gratitude–that life has offered us this space in which to be who we are and come home to ourselves.

Bob Patrick


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  1. Lydia says:

    I am thankful today that one of my special places is shared with you.. That we can give each other space within the sheltering walls of our home to be separate and alone and also in community with each other every day.

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