Solstice – Sustenance: Fire Meditation

Today is that pivotal day on which every living thing on this planet touches, consciously or unconsciously, our relationship with the most vital source of Fire that we know:  our Sun. In the southern hemisphere tomorrow the Sun will begin to lengthen its time in sky.  In the northern hemisphere tomorrow the sun begins to decrease its time in the sky.  Today is the Summer Solstice.  How will you honor this relationship with Fire that sustains our planet and all life on it?  Here are some suggestions for moving through this day.

1. Honor the East where the Sun rises and the Air that sustains our breath.  Sit for a while in silence, perhaps where you can see the Sunrise, and meditate on the Rising Sun and on what is growing strong in you these days. Ask the Sun what message it has for you.

2. Honor the South where the Sun will spend most of its time in the sky today and the Fire of the Sun.  Traditionally, herbs are harvested on the Summer Solstice while there is still dew on them as a time of their highest potency for healing, for nourishment and for magical workings. If you grow herbs, find time to harvest some of your herbs today.  Perhaps you don’t grow herbs. Engage in some type of creative activity that you do and see it as part of the Sun’s creative energy.

3. Honor the West where the Sun will set and the Water of the Earth.  Find someone for whom you can offer care, even in the simplest way. Perhaps draw a bowl of water and sit before it and reflect on your relationships and what you have learned about them this past year.

4. Honor the North and increasing darkness that begins to morrow, and the Earth that is sustained by light and dark together. Gardening, pets, wildlife, recycling: engage in one or more of these activities and make a connection to the Earth. Allow this activity to be a gift to her and an act of gratitude for all that she brings forth for us.

Finally, sometime toward the end of the day, perhaps just before bed time, light a candle and take in the experiences, energy and insights of the day. Offer gratitude to Spirit and send this day’s workings into your life and the life of the world.

Bob Patrick

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