The Playground: What a Day!

Last week, I had a good reminder of how important it is not to take ourselves too seriously.  I was up, getting ready to go to UUCG for our Sunday morning service.  It has been a tough week or so in the headlines, with escapees running loose, terrorists making life difficult for many, weather problems for many others, and other negative items leading the news.  I have also been pretty much absorbed with the July 5 service, where I am scheduled as Service Leader.  (Let me use that as an excuse for what follows, please!)

Forest Fruit, photo by Petr Kratochvil

My wife was out back, picking blueberries and blackberries from what has been a bumper crop.  About 9:00, as I started my final preparations to leave, I called out the time to her so that she could start getting herself ready.  Her response was “You know there is another berry bucket in there and more berries to be picked”.  I asked if she wanted me to bring her that bucket and went back in and continued my preparations.  Naturally, she thought that I would join in the chore.

When it came time for me to leave, I walked out back to tell Wally that I was leaving and ask if she was coming to church.  The response – “No, I’m not going to church, it’s Saturday!” – made us both laugh and wonder who is going to care for us in our old age.  (In my defense, I went in, changed clothes, and joined her as we continued to laugh at me.)

So, with this month’s theme at UUCG as The Playground, I was reminded that we need to find laughter and joy where we can, even if it is at our own expense. Maybe that is the best time for laughter!  As Howland Owl, a friend of my favorite philosopher, Pogo, was fond of saying, “Don’t take life so serious, son.  It ain’t nohow permanent.”

Bob Watson

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2 Responses to The Playground: What a Day!

  1. Lydia says:

    Love it!

  2. Jen Garrison says:

    Bob, I am glad you found and enjoyed your sense of humor this weekend. I am working on that, too. In fact, I am taking a news hiatus today. I think we all need that every now and then. I sometimes get my days mixed up too. That is why I have a calendar in more than one room. Humor allows us to relax and enjoy the day. I started a blog as part of a class assignment at Gwinnett Tech. I decided to share a funny story or quote on Sundays on my blog. I hope it not only lightens my day, but others as well. Check it out! Have a great week! Jen G.

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