Lost and Found

There is a chapter in the Winnie the Pooh book entitled, “Eeyore Loses a Tail, and Pooh Finds One” (The Complete Tales and Poems of Winnie-the-Pooh, pg. 42). Pooh and Eeyore are having a morning chat when Pooh notices Eeyore has lost his tail. Eeyore turns and turns around and around to try to find it but it is not there. Pooh decides he is going to find the missing tail because that is what a good friend would do. 

Pooh then begins his journey through the forest searching for the tail. After some time he finds himself at the tree where Owl lives and decides to see if Owl has some honey to give him extra energy for his search. As he and Owl chat about the missing tail Pooh notices the new sign Owl has about his door that is hung by something very familiar. As they wonder about the sign they realize that is is hung with a wonderful piece of bell rope that Owl thought nobody wanted. Pooh realized that somebody did want it.  It was Eeyore’s missing tail. 

With this realization the ‘bellrope tail” was returned to a very happy Eeyore and everyone decided it was a good day after all. 

I wonder how that would translate into our world. If, when something is lost we all gather around to help and search for it because, when one of us is sad, we are all sad. 

And when someone realized they have what someone esle needs they give it freely because, when one of us is in need, the community gathers to give. 

And, when a friend rejoices over something that was lost and now is found, we all celebrate because it takes many hands to raise a village. 

~Lydia Patrick

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  1. Rita Romero says:

    Wonderful words and it’s so true. Thank you!

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