Awe and Wonder: Birdsong

Two mornings in a row.  It means, to me, that Spring is really here whether the calendar says so or not.  What was it?  Birdsong.  Not just a random bird singing, but a cacophony of birds singing their hearts out as if there would be no atmosphere if they did not sing.  They woke me up.

How amazing!  No clock alarm could wake me with such beauty and wonder as these song birdbeings of our world who have intuited in their bodies that it’s time to come forth, mate, and bring forth new life.  They are ambassadors of of the Springtime Goddess, and they usher her in with song that is difficult to match.

I also know, having lived now through many decades of the beginning of Springtime, that there will begin to be daily little miracles.  The daffodils are already blooming.  The pansies throughout our neighborhood have lifted their heads and put on their amazing show of color.  Certain trees known to herald spring have suddenly changed from dry, grey-brown skeletons to swollen bodies that are about to bring forth glory and color.  If you walk close enough to these tree-brings, you just might begin to feel an energy, a vibration that you had not noticed before.

This whole world is alive around us, and it shows itself to us, sounds itself to us, smells itself to us, touches itself to us in ways that, when it happens, may become our latest inspiration.

Who knows what tomorrow may bring.  More cold.  More humidity.  More rain.  More sunshine.  Each encounter, a new moment of awe and wonder–and we each open ourselves to what the Earth is saying to us.

Bob Patrick

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  1. Lydia says:

    I love the earth. It is always true.

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