Humility: Rising With Humility

Another container that holds the meaning of humility for me I call “Rising with Humility” – over the last few weeks Bob and I have been binging the British Baking Show at night after dinner. We usually can stay awake for about 2 episodes each night. Sadly we finished Season 4 this week. It is enthralling for one, to see what can be done with a bit of flour and water, and also to see how these contestants from across the ocean stop to help each other out WHILE they are competing for a spot on the final. If one contestant’s tart starts to crack it’s all hands in helping hold it in place while the tearful baker plasters a sugar paste on the edges to hold it in place. They are truly happy for each other when they rise to Star Baker for the week and they cry as each one leaves the show. Notwithstanding, this show carries much of the drama and behind the scenes back and forth that many reality shows do. However, the contestants seem to truly care for eachother. This is the winner from Season 3 Nadia Hussain.

Nadia talks about her difficulty accepting a spot on the show and that she almost talked herself out of it.  During the show Nadia did feel some discomfort about her religion especially after she received some racist comments on the train on the way to a taping. But as the show progressed she said she made a mental list of her strengths and weaknesses and told herself to hang in there. She could do it.

No one is an island and if we wait until we have all that we need to put ourselves in the game, it might be over before we have a change to play. Win, lose, or draw believe in yourself enough to play the game.

Lydia Patrick


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