Sowing: Growth and Potential

Giant Redwood

It is difficult to fathom the notion that a seed no larger than a quick-cook oat has within it the potential to grow into a giant redwood tree.  It is a challenge to wrap one’s mind around the idea that a single tiny seeds holds the blueprint for an entire forest of trees.  It is humbling to realize that what will grow from this lone seed may easily surpass our own lifespan.

Yet we are imbued with the same life energy.  We too, are grown from infinitesimal seeds, planted in the wombs of our mothers.  Eventually we share our own seeds with the world in the form of children or creative innovations.  These too will go on long after we leave the earth, allowing a part of us to continue as they do, and we create the environment which provides for their longevity.

The type of tree that grows is contained within the seed, there is no changing that.  But the manner in which it grows is a product of its environment.  The direction and force of the winds it is subjected to shape its limbs and branches and determine its lean.  The amount of water and nutrients it receives affect its strength.  We too are the products of both nature and nurture – what is contained in our genes determines what we are, and the environment (both physical and emotional) in which we are raised contributes to who we are.

We must remember, though, that we are continuously in the process of growth.  Unlike the trees, we reach a point at which it is necessary for us to provide the right environment for ourselves.  To create the conditions under which who we are can blossom and flourish.  In that, we sow the seeds of our own potential and reap the rewards of our own growth.

What seeds are you sowing today that will contribute to the realization of your immense potential?

~ Christiana

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