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Filled With Loving Kindness: Being Kindness

My heart has been so heavy since the Presidential election, and it’s taken some time to sort out my feelings to figure out why my heart has been so heavy. After all, I’ve been “awake” for decades to the racism, … Continue reading

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Sowing: Growth and Potential

It is difficult to fathom the notion that a seed no larger than a quick-cook oat has within it the potential to grow into a giant redwood tree.  It is a challenge to wrap one’s mind around the idea that … Continue reading

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Sowing: Creating Change

Here there is a patch of dirt.  It doesn’t look like much, but it is infinite in its potential.  In order for it to become a garden it will take diligent effort on your part.  Enrich it, and it will … Continue reading

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Sowing Seeds of Happy-ness

My ten year-old son arrived home from school the other day in an uncharacteristically foul mood.  Every aspect of his being – from his countenance and physical demeanor to the energy radiating from his eyes – revealed the abject misery … Continue reading

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Ecology: Standing on the Side of Love

Almost three weeks ago, the Atlanta area experienced an “extreme weather event”, the effects of which were so catastrophic that they made national news.  People were stranded for hours on the icy roads, in freezing temperatures, without food or water.  … Continue reading

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Birth: Create Your Beginning

Third week of January…  The New Year is getting old already.  How many people have given up on their resolutions by now?  Is it really too late to start fresh?  I guess I’ll have to wait until next year to … Continue reading

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Harvesting Your World

“Loving people live in a loving world; hostile people live in a hostile world.  Same world.”  ~ Wayne Dyer Every day that you are alive is a new harvest.  What are you harvesting in your life right now?  Will your … Continue reading

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