Sanctuary: Of the Heart

“I wandered alone in a strange land,
And Life seemed so dark and drear,
When the sound of a voice seemed to call me
And brought to my mind a mem’ry dear;
It told of the Joy and the Gladness
That comes from the One above –
‘Oh Lord, hear our prayer,
Take away all our care,
And fill all our hearts with Love.'”

~ Albert Ketelbey, Sanctuary of the Heart

I think that we have all been in a position at one time or another in our lives when we’ve felt “alone in a strange land”, wandering without direction.  Perhaps you are in that position today.  Given the state of unrest in the world and in our communities, perhaps we all are.

When you find yourself there, how do you cope with that feeling of being lost?  Where do you seek comfort?

Sanctuary is a place, often sacred, of peace and tranquility, providing shelter, where one can feel protected and safe.  As I watch and listen to reports and discussions of world events unfolding around me, it occurs to me that a heart filled with Love is my sanctuary.  It provides me with peace and it is a place of refuge to which I can always return when the dark and drear of the world begins to become overwhelming.  And, although I sometimes forget that it’s there within me, I carry it with me wherever I am.

Love resides at the core of all of our hearts, even though many of us forget that it’s there.  I do not pray for a heart filled with Love, I remember that it is so.  I hope that eventually all of humanity will remember this too, and embrace our interdependence, with Love at the forefront of our consciousness.   So much would change, so much would begin to heal…

May you remember today that your heart is filled with Love.  And may you allow this state of being to manifest, not only peace, but Joy and Gladness in your Life.

 ~ Christiana

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