Wings/Flight: Choice

Early morning usually finds me in the kitchen with my first cup of coffee, checking email and doing some writing.  I usually turn on some music or National Public Radio to check in with the world.  Recently one morning, I found myself in the usual spot, but I had not turned on radio or music.  It had been raining steadily for a couple of hours before I awoke, and sitting in the kitchen, it had become my choice to enjoy the quiet which allowed for the sound of rain and early morning birdsong to move around me and through me. On some level just below “consciousness” I had made that choice before I was fully aware of it. Once I was aware of it, I confirmed:  I’ll stick with the rain and bird music for a while.

This past year, I have come to know a group of men (constantly changing) who have been showing up at a local Korean Sauna that I enjoy.  These men are in a drug rehab program, and they are quite willing to share their stories.  Early on it became obvious–and they often noted this–that this was only one of many attempts on their part to free themselves from drug and alcohol addiction.  Each of them held out some hope that this time would be different because of this program that they were in.  I asked more than one, why they thought this program would be the time they found the freedom they were looking for. Each one of them said the same thing:  choice.  This program allowes them choices about how they work through their issues.  They can choose to use Christian resources, Twelve-Step resources, Eastern-influenced meditation and martial arts; they can choose to go to the gym and work out or to the Korean Spa for sauna and steam or both!

Choice is empowering these men, and it strikes me, giving them their wings.  I don’t get to follow these men and see how things turn out for them, but they have been inspiring to me. I tell them so.  What if choice in your life, however it shows up today, are wings for you? How will be you be aware of those choices and use them?

Bob Patrick

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  1. Peggy Averyt says:

    Ahhh! The joys of choice! I am sure your words of encouragement to these men help them on their journey to recovery. So glad you are willing to listen to their stories and offer them these encouraging words.

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