Flight: Achieving the Impossible

“Aerodynamically, the bumble bee shouldn’t be able to fly, but the bumble bee doesn’t know it so it goes on flying anyway.”
~ Mary Kay Ash 

Bumble Bees
There exists a popular misconception (demonstrated in the quote above) that, according to the laws of physics and aerodynamics, bumblebees should be incapable of flight.  They don’t have the capacity (so the story goes) to remain airborne, due to the ratio of the size, shape, and weight of their bodies to the span of their wings.  It’s not true, you know – the science actually doesn’t conclude this.  But it sure makes for a neat little inspirational story.  And in spite of its lack of validity, the myth persists.  (I don’t blame Mary Kay; it has been repeated many times by many people.)

This story (even though it is false) so beautifully illustrates the power of the mind.  We like this story, we continually repeat it, because it exemplifies the notion that even the “impossible” is within our reach, if we don’t know that it isn’t.  Sometimes what we think we know can hold us back by keeping us from seeing what is possible.  What is undeniably true is that whether or not we believe we can “fly” is in large part dependent on the validity of our underlying assumptions.

Where are you with your assumptions today?  Is there something that you “know” that is keeping you earthbound by presenting “insurmountable” obstacles or “immovable” limitations?  What surety can you let go of in order to allow your mind to be open to a heretofore unseen potential?

Can you believe in your own ability to take flight?

~ Christiana 

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