My Father, The Green Man

In the heart of the forest, where the ancient trees stand,
There walks a figure cloaked in the vibrant hues of nature’s embrace,
My father, the Green Man, guardian of the land.

His touch, a whisper upon the breeze, 
Ignites the spark of life in dormant seeds,
As they unfurl, reaching for the sun’s kiss,
He bestows upon them a precious gift.

In his eyes, the wisdom of ages past,
Reflected in the dance of sunlight through the leaves,
And rhythm of the earth’s heartbeat,
And with gentle hands, he guides its pulse.

Through the cycle of seasons, he walks,
From the vibrant burst of spring’s awakening,
To the quiet slumber of winter’s embrace.

But even in the depths of the coldest night,
His presence lingers, a beacon of love,
For he carries within him the promise of rebirth,
And the assurance that life will always find a way.

So let us raise our voices in praise,
To my father, the Green Man, keeper of the wild,
Whose love for this earth knows no bounds,
And whose gift of renewal sustains us all.

~Candice Carver

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