My Path to Writing

Writing is the most rewarding and hardest creative process that I have done. Combining monthly topics, my faith and my life into words is no easy task. I wrote this reflection at five in the morning.  I never thought that I would write a reflection then go back to sleep. 

I am a very shy person. Writing helps me let others into my life without actually talking to them.  My speech is hindered because of the chemo brain that I have suffered from the past two years of my life and I fear for the rest of my life. Shyness and impaired speech is not an easy combination to live with. Writing is perfect for me.

Writing about my faith and life experiences has opened up a new path for me. Believe me there have been many new paths for me these last two years. Most of these new paths were created because life threw obstacles in my way. I felt like Mario trying to avoid the dreaded banana peel because I didn’t want to spin out of control.  

Writing is a path that I created for myself and the help of others to heal and let others into my faith, my life and my mind. Believe me my mind can be scary, weird and funny all at the same time. Enter at your own risk.  

I hope you enjoy walking this path with me and making it an adventure that we will look forward to seeing where it takes us. Thank you all for laughing, crying and thinking with me. May these writings help you walk down your path knowing that you are never truly alone. 

~Rita Romero 

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3 Responses to My Path to Writing

  1. Peggy A says:

    Rita, I do enjoy walking down your life’s path with you through your reflections. You are a talented writer and a person who continues to inspire me as you navigate through the challenges in your life.

  2. katrina yurko says:

    Me too! I know it takes courage to share at this level, it’s an open journal, it’s a window into the heart. Your Heart. Please continue to write, to share, to get angry, to ask questions that may or may not have answers. The more you write about , the more we have to build stronger connections between us. This is a safe space. Hinderances are accepted here.

  3. Denise Benshoof says:

    This is a wonderful reflection on your journey and growth, Rita. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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