Storehouse: Warehouse or Abundance?

“Storehouse” can mean, literally,  a warehouse where we store up goods for some later use.  It can also refer to an abundance of something, even something intangible like knowledge.

My own “storehouse of knowledge”, or even wisdom, seems to be made up of things that I learned through difficult circumstances.  In fact, it’s not even really a list of things.  I have learned over time that in difficult circumstances I can bring what I already know to find my way through a new situation.  Each time that happens, I seem to get a little better at this kind of life navigation–or at the very least, less anxious about doing it.

Once long ago when I was a brand new dad, I was at  home with our infant daughter and noticed that we were low on diapers.  An hour or two later, I noticed that we were down to our last diaper.  Note to self:  go get more diapers now.  And then, the phone rang.  The next time that I became aware of the diaper situation was when I needed a new one, and there were no more.  Now, what to do?  I learned that day that cloth napkins make great emergency diapers for the purpose of going out the store to buy real diapers.  I learned moments after exiting the store that they are fairly worthless as actually absorbent diapers!  I never ran low on diapers again.

But, really, that wasn’t about diapers.  It was about what tending life required of me, and I have had many more lessons; so many, in fact, that I would call them a storehouse.

What’s in your storehouse?  Is it a warehouse of stuff, or is it an abundance that is guiding your life?

Bob Patrick

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