Storehouse: How do you get to Carnegie Hall?

All faith traditions have their own spiritual practices which serve to afford believers a means to connection with Source or spirit.  Although it certainly can, a practice that we gain spiritual benefit from doesn’t have to be an intricate ritual.   Individuals who do not identify with any particular faith may also seek out and discover practices that work for them in their own lives to awaken a sense of meaning and connection.  People may pray or meditate; some engage in full-body practices, such as yoga or tai chi; still others find sensory activities like touching prayer beads or burning incense can open a door or window to deeper meaning.  For the last two days (here and here, or below) we have explored spiritual practice through the lens of poetry…  Anything that offers us a measure of clarity on the path can be considered a spiritual practice.

A personal spiritual practice can evolve naturally out of the activities that we engage in every day.  We need only shift our mindset to imbue them with depth.  Regardless of your profession or chosen career, the work that you do can become a spiritual practice if you choose to view it through the lens of significance and greater meaning, and engage in it consciously from that perspective.  The “pay it forward” movement that promotes the performance of random acts of kindness toward strangers can be a spiritual practice by reminding us of our connection to each other and the rest of humanity.  The simple act of being aware and fully present in our lives – of living in the Now – can be a spiritual practice by illuminating the path to a powerfully deep connection.

So how do we connect with spirit in our daily lives?  The response to that question may be different for each of us, while the answer is the same:

Practice, practice, practice.

What activities do you engage in to fill your own spiritual storehouse?

~ Christiana

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