Faith: Being More

Daily I wrestle with the feeling that the state of the world I see before me is all there is.  Daily, I doubt my ability to have an impact

Is this reality, or is this a perception of my own choosing?

I am imposing limitations on myself and the world out of fear and insecurity…

It isn’t fair of me – not to myself, not to my community, not to the world at large.  The world is so much more expansive than my narrow view is allowing for.  Humanity is so much greater than my small-minded notion of it.  Through my personal lens of first-world experience and uncertainty and compassion, I see struggle and despair and tragedy.  But I also see life and joy and potential!  And I am so much more than my fear and doubt would have me believe.

Choosing to trust what can be, to put one’s faith in what is possible…  When observable reality fails to resemble anything close to ideal, taking that leap of faith is an act of courage which we all have the capacity to take.   It takes effort to recklessly abandon our perception of limitation and live completely into our potential, unrestrained.  To fully embrace the truth that we can be more.  We must do this work.

Is there a pursuit more worthy of our effort than the creation of a world where the possible is realized?

How can you let go of your perceived limitations and be more today?

~ Christiana

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  1. Peggy Averyt says:

    Christiana, thank you for this reminder to face the world with courage and faith instead of fear.

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