Harvest: Your Abundant Light

I saw a post on Facebook this morning, from a page titled The Praying Woman:  “Don’t try to shine so that others will see you.  Shine so that through you, others will see Him.”  It got me thinking…

I understand the point she is trying to make.  She is urging us to command attention with the acts of kindness we commit, rather than by being ostentatious and showy.  I get it.  But what gave me pause was not the idea that what comes from inside trumps what is visible on the surface, what inspired me to ponder was the idea that we should “shine” for other people.

When we labor to produce a crop for harvest – when we plant and cultivate the seed – it grows.  But it doesn’t grow for us; it grows because growth is what it is made for.  When you allow your inner light to shine, you don’t do so for the purpose of pleasing others, or of allowing them a glimpse of God, you shine because glowing from within is what you are made for.

And, as the crops harvested from that seed will inevitably feed and nourish people, your light will undoubtedly illuminate the way for those around you.  What better way to begin to serve your community than by being who you are and bringing that brilliant authenticity to every action you take?

So don’t worry about what others see when you allow your abundant light to shine.  Just shine, you beautiful soul.  Shine so that you can see yourself.

~ Christiana 

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