Harvest: Fire Meditation

What is the magic, the energy, the creativity of Harvest?  These are the movements of the element of fire.

Is it the power of the Sun shining on the Earth that brings forth crops?  Is it the flooding and flowing of water across the land that turns brown earth to green?  Is it the warming air that moves across the cold earth in spring that awakens what looks dead into a new life?

It’s all of these, but it’s also more. The magic of harvest happens all around us, from season to season, but it also happens within us and between us.  I remember so many a Sunday lunch at my grandparents’ house.  My grandparents were not rich by any means, and they probably qualified as what we would call lower-middle income.  What I remember, though, was the feeling of feasting like kings.  It was a roast, sometimes, but often fried chicken.  Sometimes it was a ham.  There were always greens and beans, potatoes and cornbread, squashes and okra, and yes, even polk sallet (google it!).  The table offered an abundance of good food, but the table also offered an abundance of good love, good support, and security.

This is the fire, the magic, of harvest.  How do we, today, invite our children, our family, our friends, our neighbors, and yes, maybe even our enemies, into a table of plenty, of safety, of security?  Find a way to do that (and I believe that we each have that ingenuity, that kind of creativity in us–no one’s saying it’s easy), and you are a powerful worker of magic beyond imagination.  We can do this.  We have the fire.  We have the harvest.  We have the community.

Bob Patrick

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