Harvest: Spirit Meditation

We have pondered through this month many aspects of Harvest including the vision, the magic, the relationships and the resources that the theme of Harvest can mean for  us.  Can we hear Spirit weaving and working all of those in us, all the time?  If we can, or if we can begin to imagine that, what is the Spirit of Harvest?

Harvest can bring to mind our material blessings, for sure, but it’s more than that, isn’t it? Harvest conjures feelings of safety and abundance, and we often envision harvest with our loved one’s gathered around, but it’s something else, too, isn’t it?  Harvest can represent the wonder and magic of the world to us and be the way we represent our creativity, working with the earth and others to bring forth something new.  But, harvest is grander than that, isn’t it?  Harvest can be a way of approaching life, a vision, even a philosophy, a way of thinking about things.  But, harvest is tangible, isn’t it?

And round we go.  Approaching the theme of harvest through the four elements allows us to practice different aspects of it–the difference.  I like to think of the Spirit of Harvest as that which flows through them all, through us all.  Spirit invites us to notice the flow that is implicit in Harvest.  Harvest is not an end point even if for a moment or a day or even a week everything stops to celebrate that the crops are in and we have food for another year.  Spirit calls us to that flexibility and constant metamorphosis that is the essence of what becomes Harvest, for when the literal harvest is gathered in, the people, the land and their tools rest so that the planning and planting can begin again.  Do we feel that movement within?  That is the Spirit of Harvest.

Bob Patrick

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