Harvest: Looking Backward

Each day that we live is a harvest in itself.  We wake up, get out of bed, and go about the process of living life, making decisions, setting or achieving goals, finding delight or disappointment (or a little of both)…  In a way, the seeds for all of this were planted long ago.  Those who came before us, our ancestors, have as much to do with what we harvest today as the plans we have made for ourselves.  Who you are is to a great extent written in your genome.  We are the fruit of our entire family tree.

So how can we honor this great contribution?  My feeling is that the most significant thing we can do to honor our ancestors is to pursue and eventually fulfill our own purpose.  In your perfect imperfection, you are the culmination of your heritage, and you are uniquely qualified to achieve your purpose and potential.

(Incidentally, this applies to the imperative of honoring those ancestors that we see as having negatively contributed to our experience as well.  These challenges can be the very things that show us the way toward healing, toward personal peace.  There is power in offering gratitude for the lessons we can learn from their contributions.)

Practical suggestions for honoring your ancestors through authenticity involve prioritizing your health, striving for honesty in your relationships, accepting help and support when you need it, and maintaining a loving mindset in all of your interpersonal interactions.

Embrace your life, thrive, and thereby celebrate those who came before.

~ Christiana 

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