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Finding My Way

I never belonged to any group during my childhood. My mom is Puerto Rican. My father is a first generation Mexican-American. You would think that I would have a rich Latin heritage, but I don’t.  My mother decided not to … Continue reading

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Culture & Tradition: Social Units (Family)

We are exploring the seven different elements that make up what we call “culture.” Growing up, my family didn’t form its identity around a particular culture.  My father’s heritage is Puerto Rican, but he was born in New York City.  … Continue reading

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The Library: Tell Me a Story, Revisited

From the first moment of cognizance in our lives, we are collecting stories.  This is usually referred to as “making memories”, but it’s the same thing.  You may or may not think of yourself as a storyteller, but every time … Continue reading

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Harvest: Looking Backward

Each day that we live is a harvest in itself.  We wake up, get out of bed, and go about the process of living life, making decisions, setting or achieving goals, finding delight or disappointment (or a little of both)…  … Continue reading

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