Harvesting Potential

Death Valley is so named because, for the most part, nothing grows there.  It is among the hottest and driest locations on the planet due to minimal annual rainfall.  Life doesn’t flourish in Death Valley.

Except when it does.

Image ©Frank Kee, www.keesphotos.com

Image ©Frank Kee, www.keesphotos.com

In the winter of 2004, Death Valley saw record precipitation, and more than six and a half inches of rain fell on the desert’s harsh, unforgiving landscape.  The following spring, the floor of Death Valley was carpeted with more wildflowers than had been seen there in decades.  Although it is well hidden beneath the parched, unyielding ground, even Death Valley holds the potential for life – glorious, diverse, and beautiful.

Sometimes we may fail to see our own extraordinary potential that is hidden beneath the surface.  Perhaps because it may be buried under fear – either of failure and rejection, or even of success and responsibility.  But we must not be afraid to allow it to bloom and grow!  We can overcome this fear by acknowledging our talents and abilities, by appreciating the essence of who we are.  Just as the skies opened up to provide rain so that life could flourish in Death Valley, we can open our minds to the possibilities we hold within us.  This helps us to free ourselves from the illusion of the arid landscape, and allow our potential to blossom and to flourish, thereby sharing our gifts – our “flowers” – with the world.

What is the “rain” that you need to bring forth your flowers?

~ Christiana

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  1. Lydia says:

    One of the Nike slogans says ( paraphrasing…)
    Don’t count the number of tines you fall down. It only really matters that you get up

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