Harvest: Plants vs. Zombies

You are in a world where relentless zombies may attack at any moment.  You must cultivate a bountiful garden in order to ward off their hordes and emerge victorious.  Only your farming and harvesting prowess can save you…

You need the sunshine in order to have the seeds that you can plant to grow the flowers that will keep the zombies from attacking, and eventually eating your brains.  You are doomed in the night levels if you have not planned well, amassed a storehouse of seeds, and cultivated a garden of flowers; because in the dark you are without the benefit of the replenishing sun.  So you are constantly taking stock and counting; aware of how much you have and how much you need.  So that when those zombies attack, you will be ready…

Wait a minute – this is a lot like real life!

In life, there may be moments that the world around us seems threatening, but everything we need to conquer it we have within ourselves.  By staying in touch with what our spirit needs to thrive, making sure to carve out the time to attend to those needs, and putting effort into self-care, we can nurture our spirit deeply enough that it may flourish, even during stressful times.   If you want to save the world, it is essential that you prioritize you. 

Are you taking the time that you need for yourself – being replenished by the sunlight?    Do you have enough seeds of positive perspective in your storehouse to get you through a long, dark night of challenging circumstances?  Are you in a place that will fortify your strength and enable you to fend off the zombies and keep them from devouring your brains?

Think about where you are today.  Are you harvesting what you need to win the game?

~ Christiana 

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  1. Ganin Lovell says:

    Loved this!

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