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Fire of Commitment: Fired Up!

Ever since the election I have felt burdened with worry.  I feel like we are living in a nightmare, and I have deep fear for the future of our nation and our world.  I am simply burnt out. Or am … Continue reading

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Wings: Getting There

Are we there yet?  The age-old cry from children in the back of the car, impatient to reach the intended destination.  Weary, cranky, eager to get this part of the trip over with so that they can get to the … Continue reading

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Metamorphosis: Reactions

Throw some baking soda on some vinegar: explosive bubbles!  The opposites – alkaline and acid – combine with each other and cause a reaction that changes the make up of the substances involved.  If the alkaline and acid are equal … Continue reading

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Metamorphosis: Butterfly

This post is the third in a trio of posts inspired by butterflies. The first two can be found here and here. When the time comes for a newly-transformed butterfly to emerge from the darkness of its cocoon, it faces … Continue reading

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Sowing Seeds of Patience

When we plant a garden, we know that what we sow is what we will eventually reap, but we must also be conscious of the fact that this is not an endeavor that provides instant gratification.  There is, inherently, a … Continue reading

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Ecology: Nature’s Pace

The natural world provides us with many resources, both tangible and spiritual, but it also provides us with a living example of what is healthy and beneficial.  Nature can be a valuable teacher, if we allow ourselves to heed her … Continue reading

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Birth: at Home

Earlier this week a severe storm raged through this area.  The rolls of thunder shook the walls and windows of my house, as the winds caused the limbs of tall trees in our yard to scrape against the outer walls … Continue reading

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