Sowing: The Strength Within

Reposted from a previous reflection from March 19, 2014

Every seed is a capsule of life, containing the full potential of its parent.  Flowers, trees, shrubs, and grasses release this part of themselves each season to discover their place in the world – the new location that will become their growing spot. Whether they are dispersed via animals, elements, or human hands, the seeds find what space they can and settle in.

As the seeds break open and their roots press into the earth, they slowly, diligently create more room for themselves.  Pressing both downward and upward, they encounter an entirely new environment, sometimes fertile and inviting, sometimes harsh and inhospitable.  Thankfully, plants can manage to thrive in the most adverse conditions and environments.  Although a seedling may seem fragile, its patient perseverance will widen the crack of a concrete sidewalk, if one exists as an obstacle to its continued growth.  All it needs is time.

As human beings, we may often find ourselves landing in inhospitable environments – sometimes by choice and sometimes by destiny –as we are blown about by the winds in our lives, facing obstacles which may seem insurmountable.  It can be tempting under these circumstances to feel pulled to choose the path of least resistance or even to give up entirely.  While this urge is completely natural, it is crucial to remember that the fortitude is within us to break through even the most formidable barriers, just as it is within those seeds.  The resolve displayed by plants is no more than that which we ourselves possess.  If we tap into that well of strength, we, too, have the ability to create our own space for growth, and flourish in spite of our difficulties.  All we need is time.

Can you recognize your strength and break through the obstacles facing you, no matter how concrete they may seem?

~Christiana McQuain

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