The Creative Soul

“In the beginning, the Voice was expressing itself, as God. The Voice was and is within the Creator, its vibration shaped the universe, and birthed everything that is. Its breathing fills everything with light that thrives in nurturing darkness.”   John 1:1-5, slight paraphrase from The Voice translation of the Christian Bible.

I recently watched “Moonage Daydream”, a documentary on David Bowie. He was not usually my musical flavor but I have been aware of Bowie and his career since around 1973, mainly through his radio hits, film performances, and various interviews with him and articles about him. I saw him once at a musical festival. I became interested in his occult practices in which he utilized Zen practices and those of the Golden Dawn and Aleister Crowley. These were seminal precursors to a good deal of current non-monotheist, magickal practices, and Wiccan types of groups. It’s not clear to me where this aspect of his journey ended up, though there are suggestive songs on his final album Blackstar. 

The documentary touched slightly on this aspect as part of a lifelong spiritual quest and source of his incredible creativity! He was ever changing his personas that he expressed in music, film, and art forms, such as painting and sculpting. He was always re-inventing himself through his art intentionally not clinging to others’ view of him or even his own self-perception! He claimed to have never been content with where he was, but constantly was open to new experiences with an enthusiasm for life and its kaleidoscopic richness! 

This documentary encouraged me to think about my own life in this way. I have been: a curious child with a lot of questions; a fundamentalist bigot and fearmonger; a psychonaut and psychedelic evangelist; a wannabe rock and pop guitarist and songwriter; a parent with a magickal child; an experimental dirt gardener; a listener to my fellow addicts, anxious ones, and depressives; a sensitive lover; a political warrior; and a visitor to the depths of despair and the heights of ecstasy! 

It’s always seemed to me that there is a feeler and watcher within that has transcended all these personas and yet inhabited them as well as in “the Voice” that “shaped the Universe and birthed everything that is”. This creative voice is perhaps what we mean by the words soul, spirit, or greater self. Maybe it’s the Creator in all my selves and yourselves and all their expressions!  

~Daniel Bailey

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2 Responses to The Creative Soul

  1. katrina yurko says:

    I can see these mystic connections to the original Voice. The voice , not exactly What it is saying but how it is expressed. There is no tangible content, no sound at all, but audible through ears that want to hear it.

  2. Peggy A says:

    Daniel, your personal evolution through many personas has made you into the beautiful soul that you are now. So glad my spiritual path has crossed yours at UUCG.

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