I am currently listening to a book entitled, “The Good Life”, written by Robert Wagner, MD and Marc Shulz, PhD. I heard about the book on NPR. It covers the longest Harvard study on happiness and spans over 80 years of interviews and data collection. Some of the interviews taking place now are with the great grandchildren of the original folks in the study. 

Turns out the number one factor in happiness has little to do with demographics, job satisfaction, or financial security. It has to do with relationships. 

I am a little over half way through and I have been compiling so many good ideas and creative ways to mine through the drama we encounter every day trying to build and sustain healthy loving relationship. They do not come easy and the work is a daily commitment of love and trust and honesty. 

Chapter 7 talks about ‘The W.I.S.E.R Model when dealing with those conflicts that can arise when we find ourselves bringing in our own struggles into the daily comings and goings and relationship living. 

Watch – taking time to get an accurate assessment of the current situation

Interpret – are there alternative ways of understanding what is going on and how I might play a role

Select – have all available been considered

Engage – looking at realistic steps that can be taken

Reflect – what worked, what didn’t 

Interestingly I find parallels between these strategies and living out my faith in our beloved community. These steps remind me of our principles, our covenant to live in right relations, and the companioning tenants we hold onto. 

This journey we take is not for the light of heart but with openness, compassion, and creativity – it is very doable. Blessed Be. 

~Lydia Patrick

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  1. Peggy A says:

    Loved your words of wisdom today. Thank you for sharing another good book to add to my list.

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