A Centering Practice

Though centering can be a metaphorical way of describing your place in the universe and our core values, you can also physically and emotionally center using this practice. To do this, use the following steps.

First, orient your body to what’s around you– front, back, left, right, above, and below. Let your body settle, either sitting comfortably or lying down. Notice your inhale entering easily but fully, expanding your belly, then exhaling allowing all the breath to exit fully, drawing in your belly towards your spine without straining. Do this four or five times. Imagine drawing this breath through your heart and solar plexus for a minute or so.

Open your eyes, if closed, and look forward, noticing what is there…then imagine what is further on…expand out with your inhale to everything in this direction, and then on the exhale feel this energy entering your heart and solar plexus. This may feel odd at first but it will allow you to connect your center more fully with the universe. Do this four or five times, thinking of plants in this direction making oxygen and food, and all the animals you share this area with, both pets and wild things! Notice everything you are feeling and sensing. Do this with all the directions making sure to pay attention in the same way. 

Now, reversing this pattern, feel yourself drawing everything in with the inbreath and letting go on the exhale, sending out healing, loving thoughts and feelings out to everything, people and places and notice how you feel in your body, particularly along its center line, including chest, solar plexus, and belly. Just concentrate on feeling this for another four or five breaths or more if you desire.

Hopefully, you are feeling centered at this time. This practice may produce significant results in feeling like you are more centered in your life. Enjoy! 

~Daniel Bailey

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2 Responses to A Centering Practice

  1. Roy Reynolds says:

    Thank you. This is a nice centering practice. Were I to offer one thing further, I suggest pausing upon centering in the heart and even saying the word “Heart:” then being present, noticing heart’s awareness.

    Gratefully, Roy Reynolds

  2. Rita Romero says:

    Thank you!!!

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