Meditation Acrostic–A Centering Practice

Editor’s note: this is an acrostic, a poem based on the letters of the word “meditation.” You might use it in a couple of ways. Try reading it out loud to yourself a couple of times. Notice any shifts that take place in you. Write about any of the lines that really speak to you or challenge you. Try writing your own meditation acrostic. What does each letter evoke for you?

Meditation, Still my Soul,

Elucidate my Heart, my Whole,

Dedicate my Conscious Mind,

Integrate all that I find,

Time is Now, Here I will fold,

As I count each breath and hold,

Trusting in the Elder Light,

I will achieve a clearer sight,

Overcoming doubts and fears,

Now” will rest in spiral sphere.

~Sherree Bailey

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