A Daughter’s Journey

I tell people that my daughter, Jalila, is my angel on earth. She took care of me while I was battling breast cancer. She became my rock.

She was the first one I told that I had breast cancer. She was with me for my first appointment with my oncologist when I found out that I needed chemotherapy. She has helped me fight this horrible disease.

She saw my bald head. She sat by me when I didn’t have the strength to get out of bed. She was there when my emotions were like a roller coaster. She was my strength when I didn’t have any. She was my rock.

Many days I was the child and she was the mom. Believe me she can be bossy and she knows how to nag. She was my rock!

When I got my double mastectomy she would help me dress. She emptied my drains. She would scold me when I was trying to do too much. She was my rock!

Her strength and courage is unmeasurable. I never saw her cry. I know that she did cry because she cried with my sister. She never showed any weakness in front of me. She was my rock. 

My daughter is the most courageous person that I know or will ever know. It’s not easy to take care of mom. To see mom at her worst. She did it. I was truly blessed the day she was born. She is my rock.

Hold your children close to your heart because you never know when you will need them to help you. Their courage and strength will be there to hold you when you are weak. Their love will give you courage and strength to keep on rolling along. Your children will be your rock.

~Rita Romero 

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2 Responses to A Daughter’s Journey

  1. Katrina says:

    This reflection is so full of Heart and gratitude !!!. I know that Jalila realizes the depth and importance of her role in helping you get better. You both are so very fortunate to have each other, even more so because it is not always the case that your daughter is near, can set her life aside for you and is dedicated to your recovery ! I don’t think their is a more bonding experience! It’s a blessing for you both!

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