Metamorphosis: Dropping the Ball

It is possible to view life as a juggling act. Work, family, friendships, spirituality, Self-care, other, other, other… Each of the roles we play or commitments we take on represented by a single ball that we feel we must keep in the air, lest it fall to the ground and perhaps shatter at our feet (or roll away under the sofa). Have you ever felt as though you have been tossed just one too many balls?  Yesterday you were juggling fine – you had a rhythm going and everything was sailing nicely through the air to be caught as you were ready. It was applause-worthy!

But today? Where did that new ball come from???  Suddenly the carefully balanced, stage-ready act you took pride in is chaotic and inspiring panic as you try to make all kinds of adjustments. Tilt, timing, pace… Sometimes there’s a partner you can toss one to, someone you can count on to keep that ball in the air while you’re getting a grip on the others, someone to help you avoid that dreaded THUD.  But when there isn’t…?

Don’t drop the ball!

Really?  I think you have to entertain the notion that it’s okay to put one down. Not one of the biggies, perhaps, but one of the “others”. Making a conscious, considered choice to set one aside is so much more satisfying (and confidence-inducing) than dropping it because you’ve taken on too much (which can feel an awful lot like failure, even when it’s not).
Trying to be all things to all people, like juggling too many balls, is courting disaster. Check in once in a while and make sure you are devoting your time and energy to endeavors that enrich your life and strengthen your sense of self, rather than cause you to scramble, panic, and ultimately feel defeated.

What are you committing yourself to today? How many balls are you juggling?


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