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June 10 – Listening for Joy

The story in our Sunday service today was derived from a Tibetan tale* of an old monk whose heart had become hardened by all the suffering in the world. He lived in a cold, dark, desolate cave at the top of … Continue reading

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Loss: Loss and Remembrance

“Death isn’t something to be shied away from, Booth. From an anthropological standpoint, the more openly a culture embraces death the less anxiety they associate with it.” (Bones, Season 11, Episode 3) We (my siblings and I) aren’t really sure … Continue reading

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The Library: Need to Know

One of the great privileges of being a Unitarian Universalist is that we can answer a question with “I don’t know…”, and that is a valid answer.  Does God exist? I don’t know.  Are you a Christian? I don’t know.  … Continue reading

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The Labyrinth: What Happens Next?

The ancient myth of the Minotaur and Theseus in the Labyrinth has, apparently, several – if not many – versions.  The stories vary from each other in both minor (was it annually or every nine years that sacrificial youths were … Continue reading

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Departures: Time to Breathe

There have been weeks when I have restricted myself from bingeing on social media.  During those weeks I realized how much there was to do – and how much I couldn’t think of to do.  With all of the time … Continue reading

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Departures: Knowing Better

“I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.” ~ Maya Angelou Being aware is hard work.  As I have learned and grown, I have found myself in the often onerous position … Continue reading

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Departures: Earth Practice

“Aware of our interdependence, we acknowledge that eating ethically requires us to be mindful of the miracle of life we share with all beings. With gratitude for the food we have received, we strive to choose foods that minimize harm … Continue reading

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Wings: of Angels

Each and every one of us has experienced the benefit of everyday angels in our lives.  When one sees a need and fills it, without consideration of compensation, when we put forth effort for the benefit of others without expectation … Continue reading

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Wings/Flight: Obstacles

Flying is marvelous.  Watching birds fly is fascinating.  Flying in an airplane is still, to me, almost miraculous, and I have done it a lot.  Watching others hang glide drops my jaw every time (though, I am quite happy to … Continue reading

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Metamorphosis: A Smile

I’ve spent years inside of high school buildings which are notorious for long hallways. Every hour or so, with the ring of a bell, hundreds or thousands of human beings move into these long hallways and move to their next … Continue reading

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