Metamorphosis: Easter–Back to Life

I love to nap! I have a blanket for napping.  Sometimes there is a book, a tablet, or an old movie on in the background but those are just distractions. There is a special space in the universe for us right in between the falling asleep and imagining things more perfect and the not quite awake when those imaginings are our reality ….we are in our happy place.

Some people keep a notepad by their bed to jot down ideas and inspirations that come right before we sleep. When I am writing music my best ideas come right before or right after sleep. I think that is because my normal boundaries don’t exist in that happy place of not quite asleep or awake.

When my children were little they did not like to nap. I counted the hours until their nap time. They fought it off like a plague. But when they finally slept I would watch them dream. Sometimes they were smiling. They were always clutching a favorite blankie and a loved stuffed friend who probably journeyed with them to their happy place. When they woke up they were new people again as though they had come back to the life of their imaginings. They were rested and renewed and loving life and ready to charge on full steam ahead!

I feel like every awakening is like coming back to life. While we are under the blanket and asleep we are journeying through the parts of the day that we need to let go of and here we can push them aside. We can journey through the places that give us peace. We can imagine we are what we have not yet become because in that universe we are the creators of our destiny.

Today is a new awakening! Come back to life. Let the renewal of sleep give you power to face the day as your new recreated self. Let your imaginings become your reality!

Lydia Patrick
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