Metamorphosis: Earth Day, the aftermath

image ©Renee Ruchotzke

image ©Renee Ruchotzke

During the UUCG Earth Day Celebration last night there was some discussion about what each of us individually, as stewards of the earth, can do to contribute to the environmental movement.  It was pointed out that, though we all may have differing perspectives, skill sets, interests, abilities, and ways of being, there are so many diverse opportunities for contribution – from planting a garden to utilizing a rain barrel to riding a bicycle instead of driving to writing your congressperson and voicing your concern for environmental issues – that there is truly “something for everyone” seeking an avenue by which to effect change.  Acknowledging this invites each and every person on the planet to be an active participant in environmental stewardship.

It can be all too easy to fall into the trap of allowing the discouraging idea that the problem is so large that nothing you do will make a difference to render you immobile.  Yes, the problem is big.  But every action taken toward change makes a difference.  Just because I can’t afford to outfit my home with solar panels doesn’t mean I can’t stop using pesticides on my lawn.  Just because I’m not a get-my-hands-dirty kind of girl doesn’t mean that I can’t purchase organic produce from local growers.  Doing what you can is enough, as long as you are doing something.  Starting small is still making progress.  We may want things to improve immediately, but we must not forget that gradual change is still change.  And perhaps tomorrow you can do something more…

It was also pointed out last night that we do well to take note of how encouraging our collective progress over the last forty-plus years (since the first official Earth Day in 1970) has been.  There is now widespread awareness of our own human contribution to the deterioration of the environment as well as the challenges we face, and there is also deep concern and large-scale action toward positive change.  These are amazing strides!

We have one planet, which means that for all of us it is essentially Earth day every day.  What is your unique contribution to her care?

~ Christiana

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