Metamorphosis – The Journey

image ©Renee Ruchotzke

image ©Renee Ruchotzke

Where are you going?

We ask ourselves this question periodically as we move through life. Setting goals, checking in on how the journey is progressing, perhaps altering our course or even tweaking our mode of transportation…

The truth is that we can plan every element of our journey down to the last detail, but still we are stepping into an uncertain future.  We don’t know what lies ahead.  But that’s part of the pleasure, isn’t it?  Anticipating the unknown, eyes open to the ever-changing surroundings…

When we encounter the unexpected, change becomes growth.  When we hit bumps in the road we are being prepared for what is to come and revealing resilience we might not have realized we had. When we traverse a ravine we are learning that we do, indeed, possess the strength to face adversity and emerge triumphant on the other side. When we pass through a serene glade, we are restored by the relative ease, and reminded of the beauty that is present for and around us everywhere. Just the simple fact that we experienced yesterday – whatever its particular landscape – means that we are in some small way different from who we were prior to doing so. Every step forward reveals a bit more of who we are, and is therefore transformational.

It’s important to remember that, even when each moment feels like the last, and it may seem as though things are stagnant, the scenery does indeed change every day. You change, every day. And in your awareness and appreciation of this lies the gift.  Life’s intangible rewards of joy, connection, deep emotion…

When life’s only constant is change, we cannot help but be transformed by the journey. So the question then becomes not, “where are you going”, but “how are you getting there?

~ Christiana

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  1. Lydia Patrick says:

    How indeed… thanks for this…. perfect!

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