Metamorphosis: Reactions

Throw some baking soda on some vinegar: explosive bubbles!  The opposites – alkaline and acid – combine with each other and cause a reaction that changes the make up of the substances involved.  If the alkaline and acid are equal in strength, they neutralize each other and each force works together to become some new neutral substance.

Life events can be like this.  The “right” mix of elements lead to a reaction, and reactions often feel very uncomfortable.  In the moment, the discomfort of the reaction may leave us angry or full of regret for the things that led to the reaction.  Reactions can push us toward vengeful feelings that make us want to strike out at what we perceive to be the source of our pain.

But time.  Even a little time can leave us seeing things very differently.  That thing that was so awful in the moment has somehow managed to bring us to a new place.  That once awful job or relationship or physical condition was actually the stepping stone that brought us to this new perspective and experience.

Metamorphosis often begins in episodes that we don’t like and that we wish away.   What events today, or recently, have caused you pain?  Breathe into them.  See them as energy moving you through a metamorphosis.  Follow the energy.  It leads you to your next piece of wisdom.

Bob Patrick

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