Metamorphosis: From ‘I Am’ to ‘We Are’

Things are not always as they seem.

Transformation might involve seeing things from a different perspective – stepping away from what you are to see what you will become…

I am sitting in IHOP, wanting to work on a very important presentation.  I have ordered the special from Sarah, a very nice, young mother-type waitress.  I have opened my laptop and assured Sarah that although I will be working here this morning, I will leave the moment another customer needs this table – I do NOT want her to lose business because of my project.  Being a Wednesday morning, I figure I have a few hours and some great pancakes coming my way.  I have important work to do and I can’t be deterred by laundry, dishes, dust, or dogs at home.

Laptop on…just waiting on Sarah to give me the WiFi password… but wait, here comes the manager, I’ll ask him.

Apologies… “We don’t have WiFi here.” – WHAT?!?

“Well , this is going to change my plans”, I say.   He apologizes.

Then Sarah walks by again and I see her a bit differently: She is young, but old enough to have had choices in her life… if she were me at that age, I would be teaching by now… First year maybe; minimum teacher’s salary but with health insurance and benefits.

I decide to stay.  I will eat my breakfast, tip Sarah, work on something offline here, and will research the next phase of the project somewhere else.  Sarah might just need me here at this table this morning.  It is such a small thing, I know that- no grand gestures here – but I can’t risk l just leaving…

From I am to We Are…

In what encounters in your life can you feel the personal connection today?  How does that awareness change you?

Lydia Patrick

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3 Responses to Metamorphosis: From ‘I Am’ to ‘We Are’

  1. Barbara Stahnke says:

    Thank you for a story that reminds us to look beyond the immediate satisfaction of our own being. Yes we need to take care of ourselves…at the same time, consideration of others helps us too. There is research coming out that shows when we do positive things for others we feel better. Transforming the planet one person and one decision at a time with Love in our hearts.

  2. Hannah Thompson says:

    Really excellent reminder to look outside of oneself. Well said, Lydia~

  3. Peggy Averyt says:

    Great reminder that simple acts of caring about others do matter!

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