Journeys: Where Are We Going?

When you set out on a physical journey, it helps to have a destination in mind, to know where you are headed so that you can recognize when you’ve arrived.  No matter how long the trip or circuitous the route, there eventually (hopefully) comes the moment that you can put your luggage down and state with certainty, “Here I am!”

When you embark on a personal journey, it is similarly beneficial to have some idea of what you wish to achieve.  This is why we set goals – so that we have a metric by which we can measure our progress and, perhaps, alter our course accordingly.  Oftentimes the road takes unexpected turns, yet even when it seems as though we’re stuck, each moment we experience provides us with a gift or a lesson that is instrumental in propelling us forward.  At any given point, we can consult our own inner map to see the comforting presence of that little red arrow indicating “You Are Here”.

Undertaking a spiritual journey is different, though.  Throughout human history, the voyage toward discovery of spiritual truth has taken many paths which have led to varying (and often disparate) conclusions.  While encouraging the free and responsible search for truth and meaning in oneself and in others is fundamental to the journey, is it necessarily accurate that if we continue to move forward, we will eventually reach a destination?  I think not.  I believe that the search for truth, as a human endeavor, is endless and ever evolving, as well as personal to each individual.  We’re on a road trip without a specific destination, and it’s unnecessary to define where we are going in order to be nourished by the journey.  One day, we may “arrive”, but it is the quest that provides us with purpose. What action are we moved to take, based on where we find ourselves today?

It is in the search for truth that we create meaning, and thereby get where we are going – wherever that may be.

~ Christiana

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