Departures: Spirit of Light

This is the time of year, at least here in the Deep South of the United States of America, in North America, we are easy to take lots and lots of sunlight for granted.  We even complain about it.  It also comes with heat.

This evening, however, begins an ancient Celtic festival known as Lughnasad, named for the god Lugh.  Lugh was, as his name implies, the god of Light, among other things.  For practitioners of  Celtic spirituality, Lughnasad is one of three harvest festivals, but it also marks a time shortly after the Summer Solstice when the Sun god (Light) is in his full glory.  Lughnasad is our first signal that Light is beginning, even if ever so slowly, to fade. We have already begun our descent into the darkness of what will eventually be Winter, the Death of Light, and the Rebirth of New Light.

Today, take some time to notice the physical light in your world.  It can be electric light and how it comes to you, but take just a little time, and different places in the day to notice and appreciate how early Light appeared, how long Light lasts, and how Light enables you to do the things you do.

Today, take some time to notice the spiritual light in your world.  This kind of Light will vary for each person.  Spiritual Light is anything and anyone that helps you make meaning in your life.  Spiritual Light may come through a person, through writings, through experiences, through feelings, through relationships, and even through events that seem at first glance to be painful and not helpful.  Take time to appreciate the Spiritual Light in your life.

Today, take some time to notice the metaphorical Light in your world.  Very akin to both physical Light and spiritual Light, metaphorical Light is anything that brings you to a moment of realization, that helps you see something or someone more clearly.  Take time to appreciate the metaphorical Light in your life.

Today, ponder all the gifts of Light that you receive, and give thanks.  If it seems appropriate, light a candle, and spend a few moments pondering the Gift of Light.

Bob Patrick

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